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Samstag, 27. April 2013

Selling a MA*RS coat & MA*RS skirt ♥

Hi hi and hello!

I'm selling an original white MA*RS coat and also an original MA*RS skirt
Never worn! Only try on

I've bought the coat for 110€
Fantastic condition, 
there's only a mini maybe a 1cm light beige stain on the coat
so I can't require the full price
You can wash it out it should be makeable

I will selling the coat for 35€ SOLD 
the size fit's S and also a small M

 Shipping for the coat is 15€ (not insurance)
 Please notice, the coat is very heavy!
shipping for the skirt: 5€
I ship from germany

(picture from webstore)

(picture from webstore)

(picture from ma*rs store)


Size: Free size fits S,M
good condition 
price: 30€ SOLD THANK YOU

Send me a message if you are interested:


  1. Wow! You are a big mars fan!! :)
    u always look good in them!

  2. Thank you for your comment! ^^
    ahaha~ I'm addicted to ma*rs♥

    Thank you so much ^w^

    1. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You don't have to do it but I just want to let you know ^__^

  3. lovely stuff <3 I like this cute coat <3

  4. The coat and matching skirt are so cute ^^

  5. Your blog is so kawaii desu! ^_^ I got inspired off your theme, so I did a similar theme, *.^