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Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Flying to japan / Pink hair / MA*RS packages / Nails etc

Hi lovely reader!
Here are some great news

I'm flying to japan (tokyo) again! with my friends Kisu, Chiaki and Ryu mochi ♥
from 06.07.2013 - 28.07.2013

you can follow most of my activities on twitter and instagram.

picture upload mostly on instagramm

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I've also bleached my hair and dyed them pink
I used special effects atomic pink + cupcake pink 50/50 
and mixed it with conditonor  
I've bought 10 bottles 
(I also dyed my extensions)
and paid 135€ but in my opinion it's ok because the colour will stay months!!

Here are the results

with bleached hair

Dyed pink

with extensions

with normal make up 

I made false nails at home.
They were to glue on and not acrylic or gel. 
But for japan I WANT acrylic or gel. 
Today I was in the nail studio 
And I've explained them how I want my nails.
XD they weren't able to do it the same way as I wanted it
 (but it seems like they can't do that)

Yeah it was cheap. It's not the same but I think it's okay.

Here are mine

And the nails from the nail studio

What do you think?? 
Write a comment and let me know it

 I'm 19 now!
My birthday was a bit boring nothing special lol
But I got a birthday present from Ryu and Chia 
this made my birthday special ahaha 
They are so cute and send me letters (they are so funny btw ww)
and bought me 
heels + sweets omfg! 

 The heels are so fuuckin beautiful 

I love them so much

Here is also a letter from satan 
a very good friend from me
he just burns in hell

thanks a lot kisu, chia & ryu

I also bought a lot of clothes in the last months 
Here are my

I love this dresses and one pieces!
they are all from Ma*rs
I really hate to buy replicas from mars 
the design and quality is just shit 
that's why I won't buy replicas anymore

 I'm so in love with ma*rs bras!!

Bought also a mars replica bra with a pink bolero
but the quality from the bra is terrible and the bra strap hurts x_x

First is the replica.
The only good thing is 
the bra looks lika an original 

2 presents from the japanese sellers

The next Ma*rs set is my favorite one!!
The top is the same I've sells a half? year ago
It costs 10.000Yen new with tags

Skirt came with pants. They are removable 

Ma*rs bag
Bought secondhand but in a very good condition

 The horohoro plush is also new
I love One Piece especially peronas cute ghosts

Very beautiful from the inside


Bought a bracelet, 2 hairpins and a second necklace because the other went broken ;_;
the bracelet and the hairpin looks like replicas but I'm not sure 
no matter the quality is good and they are so cute ahah~

Found also this Ma*rs necklace!

Then a super lovers dress
The dress looks so boring before
I added a ribbon with a cute heart
and stitched the ends together

My lovely Maid set
This was a sale it costs 10.000yen before
and I got it for 5000yen
Lucky anji ´w`

The sock and the skirt wasn't in the set included

The last packages are my yukata set 
and rose heels

I bought this obi board extra.
The yukata looks much better with an obi board

At last some make up pictures!

with/ without make up

And one from my old pictures
old times~I like it 

Yeah that's all 
time to eat my evening meal

Our trip starts today 
meet up my friend kisu, stay one night in düsseldorf and than we meet ryu and chia at the airport

Thanks for reading my blog!!
And check out my twitter/ instagram to follow our trip